For the 3Mountains experience from a #Mountainbikers perspective, read what Barend has to say. Firstly, we at 3Mountains would like to congratulate you with your Mountain biking achievements thus far in 2017

Q: Which event has been your biggest challenge to date, 
and how did the 3Mountains  2017 compare to it? A: Ive done 3 towers before and that was really hard with all the climbing every day,
very technical singletracks as well. Q: When did the MTB bug bite? A: ive been riding more than 15 years now,
mtbing I started doing a bit 10 years ago but a proper mtb ive owned about 5 years ago. Q: Describe your experience of the 3Mountains 2017 MTB event. A: Its a really nice race, its out from the city in between real farms and places
people wont really get to see, its a bit easier than some other stage races,
there is some technical riding but its do able. Q: How did you find the routes at the 2017 event? A: The first stage was a very fast to get the first team to wear the leaders jersey,
2nd stage wasn't too bad, really hard climb you ride over,
stage 3 was the hardest with some parts you had to walk but a really nice decent. Stage 4 was really fast, I couldn't believe you  can go that fast on a mtb. Q: What do you think of the event goody bag and merchandise received at the event?
How does it compare other events you have been to? A: I always like it when you get a nice shirt you can wear, it reminds you about the race. Q: If you can remember that far back, which was your favorite stage and why? A: I cant really say, all of them was really hard because we wanted to win and I crashed
on the 2nd day as well. I would say stage 3 although it was the hardest I felt the best on that day. Q: How did you prepare for 3Mountains? Will you be back in 2018? A: I didn't know I was going until about 2 weeks before the event,
I always to train hard and build up to races, its difficult to say,
but if I get a chance again I will. Q: Did you take time to look at the view? How would you describe the view from the top? A: There was really nice views, I tried to look sometimes but because it was so hard
I didn't have time, but what from what I have seen,
I would say especially on 2nd and 3rd day. Q: Would you say 3Mountains is worth taking on? A: Yes, there are a few things that the race can still improve on to make it awesome,
its a good race for someone that wants to do a multi stage event Q: How did you experience the race village? A: From what I have seen, it must have been really cool to stay there,
and the food was really nice. Q: Are you excited to see the new routes, or doesn’t it matter? A: I'm sure the area has a lot of new places that can be used,
with a bit more experience and planning from the organization the routes can be event better. Q: How does it feel to own the Leaders-jersey? A: Its really special, there is something about an leaders jersey that
gives you that something extra to go hard. Q: What is your opinion about the stage distances in 2017? A: the distances are fine, not too long so you ride the whole day and not too short
to be a waste of time. Q: Would you say the 2017 price tag of R1700 for a 4-day event was reasonable? A: Its very good in terms of all the other events out there. Q: Would you recommend the 3Mountains event to your friends and family? A: Yes, most definitely.