Carine Gagiano

For the 3Mountains experience from a #TrailRunners perspective, read what Carine Gagiano has to say. Firstly, we at 3Mountains would like to congratulate you with your Trail Running achievements thus far in 2016.

Q: Which event has been your biggest challenge to date, and how did the 3Mountains Trail 2016 compare to it?

A: Thank you! My biggest challenge to date was Kruger to Canyon, a 2-day stage race and Num-num trail challenge.

3Mountains was shorter in distance, but 2 more days, which makes it a different type of race. I enjoyed the vibe at 3Mountains and the interacting with runners and Mountain bikers.


Q: When did the Trail Run bug bite? How many Trail stage races have you done?

A: I started running trail in 2015 and I am hooked! I have done 5 or 6 stage races so far and a few one day races. I have enjoyed everyone!


Q: Describe your experience of the 3Mountains 2016 Trail event.

A: So beautiful and an awesome event! I had a very good time camping and socializing and experiencing the beauty of the area. I can recommend 3Mountains to any keen trail runner!


Q: Did you enjoy the routes at 3Mountains?

A: I did! Each day was fantastic!


Q: Was the clothing you received on par with other events?

A: 3Mountains Trail provided the most race garments I have received at any single event so far. I still use the garments regularly. They are of good quality and comfortable.


Q: If you can remember that far back, which was your favorite stage and why?

A: The day in the nature reserve was my favorite. (Groen Kloof?)

We drove with busses to the reserve and went up a mountain with spectacular views. It was amazingly beautiful!


Q: How did you prepare for 3Mountains? What would you do different for 2017?

A: I did some mountain running, hills, gym and a bit of Mountain biking. I guess I will just do more of the same for next year.


Q: Did you take time to stop at the refreshments points? Were there enough of them on route?

A: I try not to spend too much time at the refreshment tables, but they were good! Enough refreshments and a good variety.

Everything you need to fill up your tank on the route.


Q: Would you say 3Mountains is worth taking on?

A: Yes, for sure! A great race with excellent routes and well organized!


Q: What are you expecting from the 2017 event?

A: I can’t wait for the 2017 event! I expect to have a lot of fun and enjoy the beautiful routes again.

Q: Are you excited to see the new routes, or doesn’t it matter?

A: The 2016 routes were good, but variation is always good. I am keen to try some new routes too.


Q: How does it feel to own the Leaders-jersey?

A: It’s great😄

It does put a little pressure on the race though…


Q: What is your opinion about the stage distances in 2016?

A: The 2 different distance options makes the race appropriate for a larger group of runners which is great. I enjoyed the distances and would not change them.


Q: Would you say the 2017 price tag of R1700 for a 4-day event is reasonable?

A: Yes, definitely, very affordable! Some race organizers seem to lose the plot a bit with their prices…


Q: What are you looking forward to the most at the 2017 event?

A: Having fun and experiencing the hospitality and beauty of the area!


Q: Would you recommend the 3Mountains event to your friends and family?

A: Without a doubt I would! Bring the whole family, camp, go check out the ‘landbouskou’ and have a ball!!!