All participants must comply with the event rules and regulations as set out below.

Race Rules
  • No Helmet, no ride.
  • Participants will need to complete the full distance of the route, cycling under their own steam.
  • Riders racing in teams are not allowed to cross the finish line more than 1 min apart.
  • Participants need to pass by all the checkpoints as indicated on route, or they may be disqualified.
  • Participants must start with at least 750 ml of water at departure.
  • Participants are requested to start each stage with a fully charged cell phone.
  • Riders are responsible for all their spares to complete the stage. Tech stations will be available at the designated refreshment point each day.
  • Any deviation off the marked route will not be the responsibility of the organizer.
  • Any known medical problems should be reported to the medical director at registration.
  • If a participant is unable to finish a stage under own steam, regardless of circumstances, the participant will then be branded as a “DRIFTER”and given a new number that allows the participant to participate in the remaining stages of the race whilst forfeiting their race position.
  • Drifters will no longer be in contention for prize money and no longer feature on the general classification results.
  • Drifters will still be eligible for lucky draw prizes
  • Leaders Jerseys & Vests must be worn by leaders of their respective categories.
    Leaders who do not comply will be given a time penalty.
  • A category must have 5 or more participants taking part, for a category to be recognized and have a podium ceremony each day.. Prize money will only be applicable if 5 or more participants were entered into the event. (u/18, u/16)
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