- 3 Mountains -


Campground available at showgrounds

2x man tents with mattresses available to rent for R200 for the whole weekend.

(Includes Both Matresses and tent)

Contact show committee for campsite

Zuikerkop Lodge

Clocolan , free state

083 389 0587

Clocolan Showgrounds

Clocolan , free state

082 775 1675 OR
082 925 7491

Imla Guest Farm

Clocolan , free state

066 229 4802

Makoadi Farms Guest Farm

Clocolan , free state

051 943 0273

Ben Nevis Cellar and Guest Farm

Clocolan , free state

072 205 7328

The Cabin

Clocolan , free state

079 492 5976

Ellerbeck Country Lodge

Clocolan , free state

082 953 7059

Groenkloof Guest Farm

Clocolan , free state

082 465 9108

Koranna Adventures

Clocolan , free state

082 493 2297

Koranna Getaway

Clocolan , free state

082 302 9638

La Verna Guesthouse

Clocolan , free state

082 873 5982

Moketsi Game Ranch

Clocolan , free state

083 622 8378

Nova Barletta

Clocolan , free state

082 571 5280

Ogiesfontein Guesthouse

Clocolan , free state

0824156167 OR
081 480 6510

Orsmond Guesthouse

Clocolan , free state

051 943 0291

Prynnsberg Estate

Clocolan , free state

072 678 7338

Rustig (groups of 15)

Clocolan , free state

083 274 9078


Clocolan , free state

082 831 0122

Vlakbult Guest Farm

Clocolan , free state

079 412 2555

Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat

Clocolan , free state

051 943 7013


For Any Inquiries Please Contact Us

  • Clocolan Showgrounds
  • 083 293 2803
  • info@3mountains.co.za

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With the Presidential announcement on Sunday evening,  15 March 2020, South Africa is taking drastic measures to curb the impact that the Corona (COVID-19) virus can have on our country in a pro-active manner.

CyclingSA hereby inform all affiliates, event organizers, cyclists and clubs that all events and meetings on National,  Provincial, Regional or Club level have been suspended until after the Easter Weekend (14 April 2020). It includes the postponement of the National Track Championships as well as Cup events scheduled for MTB and BMX during this time.

As per the Presidential announcement any gathering of more than 100 people is prohibited.  This has an impact on all cycling events and the sanctioning of any event on our calendar during this time has to be withdrawn by the federation and our affiliates for all disciplines.  CyclingSA recommends a postponement of events to later in the year. Event organizers should consult with the regional and provincial bodies to identify
alternatives dates.  The federation will in return consult with the affiliates to establish a revised calendar incorporating the events affected once we are able to do so taking into consideration the position of government.

Furthermore, with the travel bans in place, an announcement will follow with regards to the status of Tour of Limpopo.  A number of international teams have been invited, but as the situation is unknown and the event is only scheduled for the end of May, further communication on this event will follow in April.

In addition, CyclingSA withdraws the participation of any National Team in any local or international event until the end of April. Our athletes who are part of commercial teams or international clubs,  should take heed of the regulations and protocols in place for the countries they are staying or participating in.

It is important to take note of all the health recommendations being made by the authorities, please follow these guidelines and stay safe.